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PCM (Protection Circuit Module)

Protection Circuit Modules (PCM) protects the Li-Ion Battery Packs from heat, explosions and ignition by protecting voltage and currents against charging and discharging.

PCM Features

  • OVP : Over Voltage Protection

    Protective function to prevent the Cell from heat, leaks, and explosion from overcharging
  • UVP : Under Voltage Protection

    Protective function to prevent the Cell from discharging below usable voltage and protect from LIB oxidation due to discharge, life andcapacity reduction due to corrosion.
  • OCP & SCP : Over Current & Short Current Protect

    Protects the LIB from over currents during charging and discharging currents, protection from over currents on heat generation, life reduction, and provides consumers body protection

PCM Block Diagram

SM (Smart Module)

SM (Smart Module) is a circuit device that measures the remaining amount of battery as well as a protection function so that users can safely use the Li-Ion Battery Pack and provides it to the user.

Gas Gauge-Battery Monitoring

  • Since the battery capacity changes according to voltage, current, temperature, life cycle, etc., the status of each LIB is detected using a Gas Gauge IC and provided to the system.
  • It provides to display the usage time by state of the device currently in use by measuring the remaining amount of the battery by accumulating the charging/discharging current.

SM Block Diagram

BMS (Battery Management System)

BMS (Battery Management System) monitors the condition of the battery, automatically manages the battery system so that it can be maintained and used in optimal conditions, predicts the replacement timing, and provides a role to detect and replace the battery in advance.

BMS Features

  • Measures the voltage, current, and temperature of the battery Overcharge, overdischarge, and overcurrent protection
  • Accurate battery level calculation
  • Battery status data transmission
  • Cell balancing control
  • Display battery information (cell and manufacturer information, etc.)


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