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Submit a Report

NEXCON Technology operates a confidential cyber report system in order to promote transparent, ethical practices.
Any reports related to improving company policies, suggestions, and unfair/detrimental matters will be processed according to the established procedures.

Reporting Categories

  • Wrongdoings and Bullying Targeting Partner Companies : Accepting bribes/gifts, personal requests, unfair instructions, verbal/physical abuse, etc.
  • Conflicts of Interest in Job Responsibilities : Dual roles, excessive personal duties, financial lending among colleagues, transactions with related parties, etc.
  • Compromising Social Values : Non-compliance with environmental/safety/health/quality regulations, human rights violations, customer information leaks, etc.
  • Inappropriate Handling of Tasks : False reporting, information leaks, manipulation of performance records, etc.
  • Other Cases : Discrimination/unfair practices and unethical behaviors

Handling Procedure

Report Submission → Reception Completed → Verification by the Relevant Department → Processing Completed

Whistleblower Protection

  • It is prohibited to disclose or imply the identity and details of the whistleblower without their consent.
  • No disadvantages or discrimination based on identity will occur due to reporting, such as due to the system, statements, or information leakage.
  • Those who cooperate in the verification process of the report will be equally protected.
Affiliation Type
Name(Anonymous possible)

※ Please provide detailed information about the reported matter without omitting any details. This will greatly assist in the investigation and handling process.

Known Individuals

※ List anyone who might be aware of or involved in this issue.

Verification Method
How It Was Detected
Enter the number of automatic registration prevention in order.

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