Quality Assurance System

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Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

At Nexcon Techonolgy, we aim to offer the utmost quality by establishing, improving and maintaining a quality assurance system to
clearly identify each step from product planning (Customer orders) to sales and customer services (A/S)

Product planning

  • Establish management policies and medium-to long-term business plans
  • Establish quality policy manual, educate and follow through
  • Monitor and improve quality objectives
  • Identify customer's requirements and collect related market information
  • Participate in new and changing product plans
  • Minimize previous problems and quality costs

Product desing & Development

  • Design plan, Starting preparation plan, Outsourcing development plan, production plan, quality assurance plan
  • Improve product manufacturing issues when standard documents are being set
  • Compare quality of product with required quality standard
  • Determine mass production quality standards
  • Customer's quality requirement feasability test
  • Check every product's quality objectives

Production verfication

  • Process design, material supply plan, personnel placement, quality control plan, standard document distribution
  • Evaluation of partner companies, sign contract of suretyship
  • Inspect packaging materials
  • Reliability review, mass-production verification reports, improvement measures


  • Establish production plans and obtain customer order information
  • Part wareshousing inspection, Eco-friendly warranty, set part inspection criteria and distribute
  • Inspect incoming products
  • Process improvement, facility maintenance, Operator training
  • Manufacturing process quality diagnosis and correction requests
  • Work standards verification and performance analysis
  • Complete whole process inspection, process patrol, reliability testing

Packaging & Shipping

  • Finished product inspection, Hazardous substance measurement(XRF), product registration (initial product)
  • Supply and meet customer requirement quality in a timely manner
  • Pre-quality control to prevent defects
  • Packaging containers specifications
  • Evaluate transportation environment

Customer complaints

  • Record customer complaints, analyze defects, report analysis results, improve and correct defects, take preventive measures and validate evaluations
  • Register failed cases, training management
  • Obtain/deliver Customer product information
  • Minimize external failure costs

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